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Bachelor of Social Work (Post-Degree)

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree from a recognized university can apply to our BSW post-degree program. The School of Social work aims to provide the environment and learning resources for students at the undergraduate level to prepare themselves for the general practice of social work. Study is based on a search for the principles of social justice.


Preparation for the general practice of social work requires the development of competence in effecting change in a variety of situations affecting individuals, families, groups, organizations or communities in the broader society based on a knowledge of social structure, human behaviour, social welfare services and social work methods.


Our Philosophy

As social workers, we operate in a society characterized by power imbalances that affect us all. These power imbalances are based on age, class, ethnicity, gender identity, geographic location, health, ability, race, sexual identity and income. We see personal troubles as inextricably linked to oppressive structures and believe that social workers must be actively involved in the understanding and transformation of injustices in social institutions and in the struggles of people to maximize control over their own lives.


Our Program Offers

  • A focus on social justice
  • Academic and experiential education
  • Full-time or part-time studies
  • A degree that lets you practice as a social worker


What You Will Learn

  • How to analyze personal, community, family and societal problems – including how social work and social welfare institutions affect and respond to these problems
  • Practical skills such as interviewing, counselling, community development, social action and advocacy
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Program Overview


Two years (full time): 24 units in the fall/winter of first year, 12 units in the summer and the remaining 24 units in the following fall/winter.


Required Credential:

Completion of an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, including six units of Introductory Social Work or Sociology and six additional units of introductory level courses from the Course List (or equivalent). Applicants must have a minimum average of 6.0 on the most recent 30 units (five full credits) of university-level courses completed and evidence of personal suitability that may be evaluated by one or a combination of written statements, tests or interviews.


Program Type:

Course-based, Practicum-based


Program Options:

Full-time, Part-time


Typical Entry:



Current Deadline:

February 1, 2023


For more information:

School of Social Work
Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH), Room 319
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23795

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising office is run through the Office of the Associate Dean. The primary goal of the Advising Office is to provide all Social Sciences undergraduate students with the information and guidance they need to succeed in their academic careers.


Advisors can help you make the right academic decisions by explaining policies and regulations as well as presenting different options and supports available in your studies.


An academic advisor can assist you with:

  • Course requirements, dropping and adding courses
  • Program selection, application and changes
  • Studying abroad
  • Transfer credits
  • Petitions for missed term work, deferred examinations and special consideration
  • Appeals procedures
  • Referral to other campus services


The Faculty of Social Sciences offers additional advising and support for students. Book an appointment to speak with an Academic Advisor.

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Program Information

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Field Education

Get hands on experiential education from practitioners in human services settings.

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